Welcome to UVXY

What is UVXY?

UVXY is an exchange traded product from ProShares that is based purely on a calculation, which unlike other traded underlyings is not affected by direct supply and demand forces.

UVXY’s price is governed by a single effect; the percent change in a combination of front and second month VX futures on a daily basis. It’s unlike other free-floating underlyings where supply and demand forces are satisfied by the increase or decrease in price until those forces equalized.

VX futures are the market’s expression of where it believes the VIX index will close at expiration of each futures contract. Supply and demand is a factor here though VX MUST respect the movements of VIX, so in that respect, supply and demand forces on VX are constraine.

I’ve promised this site to Twitter followers since 2015 and it’s only taken me 7 years to get it running. Before passing the Series 65 and becoming licensed, I shared almost every trade opened the day they were placed. This prompted many discussions about my strategies and how I managed them. By far the most common questions are “How did you do during the 2020 covid spike?”, “How can you hedge a naked UVXY Call?,” and “My broker has no UVXY shares available to borrow.”

Please feel free to comment on the content here so that I can improve it for everyone.

I now manage portfolios for Qualified Purchasers and offer one-on-one, week-long on-site coaching. With this site I hope to offer long form answers to the questions I’ve fielded over and over again on Twitter.

In the works is a subscription site for actionable content that will include;

    • More extensive metrics and their uses
    • Specific strategies and when to use them
    • Defending techniques
    • My current market awareness
    • Sharing my opens and closes (like the old days)
    • Current portfolio
    • CarCrash trading
    • Personal trade/strategy consult